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R. Kelly’s Lawyer To Press: “He’s A Rock Star, Doesn’t Have Nonconsensual Sex”

R. Kelly’s attorney held a press conference in response to his client’s bond being set at the princely amount of $1 million. With the media all assembled in one place, attorney Steve Greenberg began discrediting his client’s accusers one after the other.

“On one of the cases, there are a number of interviews where the young lady says, ‘I lied about how old I was,'” Greenberg tells reporters at the 8:05 mark of the above video, – “and then recently said, ‘Oh no, I lied about lying about how old I was.'”

Soon after making those claims, Jim DeRogatis, an American music critic based out of Chicago, interrupts Greenberg to point out a negligible error, because theoretically speaking, the accuser in question did show R. Kelly an ID card, after coming to grips with their dysfunctional arrangement. “Don’t misquote a victim, Mr. Greenberg,” DeRogatis interjects. “That’s not what she said.. she was here today. Did you see her tears?”

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At this point, Greenberg singles DeRogatis out by questioning his objectivity – suggesting the writer’s upcoming book on the R. Kelly case, past and present, is the reason to believe he’s part of the opposition party.

“I don’t give a fuck about selling a single book,” DeRogatis fired back. “I’ve talked to that woman, and I’ve talked to 47 others. I’m not Mr. [Michael] Avenatti and I’m not you.”

Greenberg eventually alleviated the tension by skipping ahead in the discussion. He later reiterated that R. Kelly was a “Rock Star” to quote the 2007 Kellz hit, his point being: “Rock Stars” don’t have a need for “nonconsensual sex,” – riddle me that.

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